Memories of Mogadishu
 Far from Mogadishu 
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Memories of Mogadishu



 Far from Mogadishu 

Memories of Mogadishu
Memories of Mogadishu
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"My childhood memories are one of the treasures that I have in my life that keeps me going, that made me what I am today - is growing up in Mogadishu. In a city that was peaceful, where everybody was calling auntie and uncle, where I had the best time of my life.
I got married and fell in love – my daughter was born there and when she was 2 months old we had to leave. Mogadishu was everything for me. It was complete in a way.
I was very young but in a way I was already a woman when I left Mogadishu.  I had all my memories gathered together in my little suitcase, everything was in there for me."

Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, Author and Writer 

Shirin's Story 


 The Linguist of Somalia 

"I kept thinking it would end this year but the next year and  eventually it’s become 27 years of me being in Italy."  



 - Cabdalla Cumar Mansuur  (Rome, Italy) 

Memories of Mogadishu

"I was only 18 just turned 19 when I left Mogadishu. So I have lived outside of Somalia more years then inside. But then growing in Mogadishu being that little Somali girl in Mogadishu is what I have in me."

Fowzia Abdulkadir  

(Ottawa, Canada) 

Memories of Mogadishu
Memories of Mogadishu


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